How to find the name of a component?

07.04.2017 12:24


If you want to know the name of your notebook you can look at the supplied invoice, the name is noted there.

If you no longer have the invoice, you can also read the device name from the type label (on the bottom of the notebook):

You can simply type the model name into the search field and list all the available hits.


PC components

In order to get the name of your mainboard, graphics card, etc., it is not necessary to unscrew the computer to read the name of the components.

You can either look at the supplied invoice, which contains a complete listing of the installed parts, or you can read the names via your Windows as follows:

Open the Windows Start menu and type "System Information" in the search box.

Clicking on the entry opens a window with the information.

Directly on the first page you can see how the mainboard is called:

If you have additional plugged PCI cards, such as graphics cards, sound cards, WLan cards, etc., you can click on the Components item. The installed parts are listed in the corresponding subcategories. For example here you can see the entry for a graphic card:


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