Random Access Memory (RAM) is less than ordered

27.08.2021 14:47

The following causes can reduce the usable amount of RAM:

1. Using of 32 bit operating systems:
The 32 bit versions of Windows can address a maximum of 4096 MB of memory. Nevertheless, it is synonymous with installed 4096 MB, that for Windows only about 3000 MB are available. The reason is that 32 bit operating systems can only address a total of 4096 MB and the system bus also reserves a part for itself.

This "problem" can only be solved by installing a 64-bit version of Windows.

Note: Windows Vista & Windows7 Home Premium 64 Bit have a limit of 16 GB RAM.

2. Use of an internal graphics solution:
The graphics unit integrated on the processors does not have its own memory. The integrated graphics unit uses the memory of the pc. This can lead to a display of 3.7 GB under Windows, for example with installed 4 GB memory. This would be normal because the reserved graphics memory is no longer available for other applications.

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