Where can I find the bank data of one.de?

27.08.2021 14:46

Payment in advance
If you place an order and choose payment in advance, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail at the end of the order process. The account data for a transfer is stored here. Please use the data specified in the order confirmation.

Here is an example of an order confirmation:

Financing with deposit
If you have a financing agreement with a down payment, you must transfer the deposit amount to us. You can also use the above bank account.

Order changes
If you subsequently make a change to your order, it may happen that a difference amount arises, which must be compensated. Again, you can use the above bank account using your purchase order number and name.

Payable complaints or upgrades
In the context of a fee-based complaint, you will receive a quotation from us. A bank connection is indicated there. However, you can also use the above one. Please indicate your customer or complaint number as your intended purpose. You will receive your complaint number with the inclusion of the complaint.

Here again the account data for easy copying:

Account owner: ECT Service GmbH
IBAN: DE 4486 0400 0003 0297 4103

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