Transport damage

26.08.2021 14:12

Despite extensive precautions for our packaging, damage during transportation may occur. Please check your order on receipt. A transport damage is often caused by bumps, scratches, broken parts, etc. Due to the material characteristics, these damages are not always necessarily visible on the outside of the carton.

Here are some examples for transport damage:


For this reason, you need to report this damage as a transport damage to the DHL within 7 days of receipt of the package. Please return your shipment in the original packaging at the next post office near you.

Below you will find pre-filled damage logs for download.

These can be printed out and then need to be stamped and signed by DHL. Use the form with the sender name on your package label.

either: IT-Handels GmbH
Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 11a
04610 Meuselwitz

or: IT-Handels GmbH
Nordfrost-Ring 16
26419 Schortens

Please fill out following fields by yourself:

- you will find your trackingnumber on the package lable
- enter your adress..
- please fill out which items are damaged or undamaged
- sign the damage protocol.

The DHL staff will be glad to assist you when you are unsure. If you do not have the option to fill out the damage report, DHL also offers blank forms. Please ensure that the DHL employee also stamps your duplicate of the protocol, this will confirm that the DHL got your package for further processing.

Please send or fax a copy of the damage report to our customer service or fax number 04461/ 748788640. If all information has been filled out correctly, we have the possibility to increase the speed of building your System again.



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