General information about maintenance of your hardware

24.08.2021 15:29

When you use your hardware, dust deposits are formed over time that can adversely affect the hardware. That can be prevented by maintain the hardware from time to time.
The frequency of cleaning depends on the duration and type of the system. Keep the system as free from dust, nicotine and moisture as possible. This increases the lifetime of all installed components.

external cleaning
You can clean the case of your PC system or notebook with a damp, non-wet cloth. If you want to clean your monitor or display, use a suitable cleaning agent and a microfiber cloth, otherwise a damage the display surface can occurred. In any case, make sure that no liquid can enter the equipment! For the cleaning of keyboards, fans etc. a compressed air spray is recommended. Dont use vacuum cleaner or compressor, as the excessive performance of these devices can lead to damage.

inner cleaning
Opening the maintenance hatch (notebook) or side wall (computer) does not constitute a loss of warranty.
For cleaning of coolers , fans etc. we recommend a high-pressure spray. Please note that the fans should be held in order to avoid over-voltages and bearing damage. You can use a fine soft brush to loosen fixed dirt. Please do not use a vacuum cleaner or compressor , since the excessive power of these devices can cause damage.
Please note that damages, which are caused by cleaning, are not covered by express or statutory warranty.

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