How to get my product repaired?

28.04.2017 09:49

One Product
If you want to complain about a defect One product, please send an e-mail to Please let us know your customer or order number in this e-mail. The customer number is located at the top right of the invoice. To make a complaint, we need some information in advance.

First, you may want to exclude a software error, because they are not covered by the warranty. A service fee of 59.90 € might be necessary.

If you dont have a valid Pickup & Return service package any longer, please provide the following information:
· the serial number from the back of your PC case or the bottom of your notebook
· the address to which we should send you the package

If you have a valid Pickup & Return service package, please provide the following information additional:
· The address where the package is to be picked up
· A date for the pickup

For the further expiry of the complaint, we have compiled the following information:
· Collection only within Germany
· Pick-ups can be arranged from Monday to Saturday
· If the DHL driver does not meet you, he leaves a return note
· The package must be packaged in a transport-safe manner
· No liability is assumed for mechanical damage and transport damage
· We reserve the right to refuse a complaint handling
· Please pay attention to a professional approach when removing external drives
· For lost data, we assume no liability
· Place the package please an error description is the accessories at

How to find the serial number:
Click on the picture for a larger view.

PC system:



Since we distribute different models of the Xcellent tablet are the serial numbers at different places of the tablet. The correct serial number starts with "BC". Please tell us the correct number. The serial number can also be located below the Intel logo.

Other manufacturers
If you have a defect in an article from another manufacturer, we would like to ask you to contact the manufacturer of the device directly. You can find the corresponding contact details on your invoice or on this page.

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