The computer does not start, no signal is detected

26.08.2021 13:59

If your PC does not shows you a video signal, follow the steps below to correct the problem.

 Have you selected the correct video-input source?

Please check the monitor menu for the correct input signal (VGA, DVI, HDMI, Displayport). Some monitors can not detect the correct input source automaticly.


Is the monitor connected to the correct graphics card port?

If a graphics card is inserted in your PC system, the upper onboard graphics connectors are automatically deactivated. You must connect your monitor directly to the graphics card to get a video-signal.



Components loosened on the transport route:

If your system has been transported recently, components may have loosened. That is why we would recommend you to check that the cables, the graphics card and the RAMs are correctly plugged in the slots of the motherboard. Please be careful to not damage any components.



Please disconnect the power cable when the power is turned off, so that the system is completely free of voltage. Press and hold the powerbutton for 10-15 seconds. Now plug in the power cable and try to start the PC.


Connected external hardware:

A defective peripheral device can completely block the start of your PC system and cause errors.
Please temporarily remove all connected devices except for the monitor. Connect the device directly to a wall socket, not to a power strip.

Should the fault no longer occur, one of the connected devices is responsible. Now, gradually reconnect the devices one by one until the error recurs. This allows you to locate the cause.


Is the error still present?

If your computer still does not display a video signal , please contact our customer service  here . Please tell us your customer number or invoice number and tell us which error is present on your device and which tips you have already tried. We will help you as soon as possible.

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