Problems with WLAN connectivity

02.08.2021 15:32

Activating the routers wireless LAN

Most routers now have an outside WLAN button. This allows the wireless network to be switched on and off without having to switch to the routers web interface. If your router does not have such a button, you have to connect the router via LAN Cable (RJ45) and activate WLAN via the routers web interface.

re-plug wlan-card or activate it

I've got a PC-System:
If you have a plugged W-LAN Card, we would like to ask you, if you are able to re-plug the card in cable and voltage-less state. Please ensure that the WLAN antennas are supplied. If you use a WLAN Stick, reinsert it into the USB-Port.

I've got a Notebook:
The most common cause of malfunction on laptops is, that the WLAN Card is disabled. Depending on the model, you can activate or deactivate the WLAN Card by an specific combination of keys, or an switchable Button. When switched off, the WLAN Card is also not displayed in the device manager and no networks are displayed.

 Driver installation

Install the driver of your WLAN-Card or Stick, so they are able to show all accessable wireless networks. Please use the drivers directly from the manufacturer, thse are included with your order or you can download them in our download center.

Error during connection

To establish a connection between your PC system or a notebook and your router via WLAN, you have to enter the WLAN-Key. They Key is to prevent unauthorized acces to your wireless network. If a connection can not be established even though you enter the WLAN key one hundred percent correctly, this can have the following reasons:

1.) The WLAN-Device may not recognize the encryption method which is used by the router. If this is the case, have a look for an option to configure the WLAN manually. It is important to set the same encryption method as in the router. So either WEP (unsafe), WPA (Medium security) or WPA2 (high security).

2. ) If you changed the WLAN key and or encryption procedure in the router. In this case, the connection can not be established. It is necessary to change the network settings of the WLAN connection of your PC System or Notebook, according to the settings in the router. Open the wireless network by clicking on the network icon in the systra ("Info Area"). Then right click on the corresponding WLAN name and select "Properties". On the "Security" tab, you can adjust the changed settings.

WLAN connection is worse or gets interrupted

If you have an built-in WiFi Card, first check wether the antennas are correctly mounted to the card. Please note that the antennas are unscrewed before shipment to avoid from damage during transport. For Notebooks you dont need to install additional antennas, because theyre built inside the notebook. Although the signal quality also depens on the router, but if there errors occure when the distance is only a few meters, you should check the psotion of the router again. The router should be ree from obstacles. Drywalls with etal columns and reinforced walls are particularly well-known as sources of disturbance. Also other objects which contain a lot of metal or water cann significantly weaken the signal. The Signal may make it to your system, but it isn't as strong as it should. The usage of WLAN repeaters can provide a solution when bridging longer distances.

WLAN Channel

If the connection is acutally good, but is getting interrupted over and over again, the WLAN Channel could be in use by other routers. Particularly multi-family houses, several networks can use the same channel, because their owners do not change the standard channel. In the settings of each router, you can easily set up another one.

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