Why do my USB devices not working with Windows 7?

27.08.2021 12:18

Since the introduction of CPU-Socket 1151 (Intel Skylake) support for the EHCI (Enhanced Host Controller Interface) of USB 2 has been removed. It was replaced with HXCI (Extendend Host Controller Interface) for USB 3.0.

This modification causes trouble with Windows 7 installation because some USB devices like mouse, keyboard and other USB drives won't work properly.

Under certain circumstances it leads to the fact that the installation isn't working at all or it ends up showing error messages.

Current operating systems like Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 will work flawlessy because EHCI Support is not necessary.

There are different ways to solve this:

  • Running the Installation with a SATA or PS/2 device (mouse or keyboard, please notice that USB devices wont work). Sometimes this could be complicated because actual mainboards often don't have any PS/2 ports.
  • Creating a custom Windows 7 Image (DVD or USB Stick) with  appropriate tools from the manufacturer of your mainboard. Because they already include necessary USB 3 drivers. You can also use Windows 7 USB3.0 Creator Utility for doing this. Just follow the steps which are listed on the page.

If you are unsure about whether your system is affected or not, you can check on your invoice which processor or chipset is installed and compare the information with the following lists:

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