How do i reinstall my Windows 10?

26.08.2021 14:11

If the refresh function of Windows 10 does not work for any reason, you have to follow the instructions below to reset your system to its default state.

Instruction for the initial installation of Windows 10

1.) Device (USB-Stick / DVD)
Use a bootable disk or USB-Drive to perform a new installation of Windows 10 on your One Notebook or PC System.

For a One Xcellent Tablet, you will find the Windows 10 Image and instructions on how to create a bootable USB-Drive, in the download area of the respective Tablet.

Boot from Windows 10 DVD / USB-Stick
To perform a new installation from a DVD or USB-Stick, first insert the disk or plug in your USB-Stick and then switch on the device. Either you change the boot sequence or use the bootmanager to boot from the USB-Stick or the DVD. Which key opens the BIOS or bootmanager depends on your motherboard. Please see your invoice for the mainboard you have. BIOS can be accessed via the "del"Key or by pressing F2.

manufacturer Key for Bootmenu
Xcellent Tablet F7 (please also press FN Button)
Biostar F9
Gigabyte F12
Asus F10
Asrock F8 or F11
Clevo Notebook F7


2. language and formats
Please select your preferred language, time format and keyboard layout. After that leftclick on "Next"


3. Beginning of installation
Now you can start the installation by selecting "install now".


4. License Key
You are now prompted to enter the license key. You can find your Key on the back on the PC Case or on the bottom of your Notebook. Enter the 25-digit license key in the Box and click "Next". This step may be skipped if your activation key for Windows is automatically read from the BIOS of your motherboard.


 5. End User License Agreement (EULA)
Read the license terms. If you agree, set the checkmark and click "Next".


6. Selecting an installation type
Please click "Custom" to start a new installation.


7. Location for System:
ATTENTION! This Operation may result in loss of existing data. Think in advance of a backup.
- Select "delete" to remove an existing Windows system partition.
- Click "format" to delete only the data of a partition.
- Click "new" to create a new storage area.

 Select the desired location and click on "next".


8. installation process
The Windows Setup performs now the installation. You just have to wait, the installation process continues automatically and the device also performs some restarts. This process takes several minutes. Please be patient.  Do not remove the DVD or USB-Stick during installation.


9. Patience
Please be patient until the infotexts- and graphics disappear.


10. Connecting with your LAN
Connect your router, so you are able to access your LAN or the Internet immediately after installation. You can also create an Microsoft Account. You can skip this step and configurate your network settings later.


11.  Quick Enter
You can use the express settings. If you want to use your onw settings, click on "customize".


12. Preparing your PC
You can now create an new Microsoft Account or log in to an existing Account.


14. Password
With Windows 10 you have the possibility to pass on passwords. You can create one now or skip the step and do this later.


15. Meet Cortana
Now you can make the settings for Cortana, the digital assistant. Just click on "Continute". The detailed setup of Cortana takes place as soon as you enter Windows 10 for the first time.


16.  Completing the Installation
Now you just have to follow the last steps for the first use. After that you will be presented with the Windows Desktop.

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