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What is a Bluescreen?
A Bluescreen is an error message from Microsoft Windows operating system. Officially theyre called "bugcheck". This message is a description of a specific category of errors (stop errors) that are displayed. After a critical system error, the system is stopped and the user interface of the operating system is completely replaced by a blue screen, which displays the error information in white.


What does a bluescreen look like?

Windows 7:

Windows 8/ 8.1/ 10:


What causes a bluescreen?
Bluescreens are often caused by certain programs, drivers or games. Its not always an error form built in hardware. Especially in case of new graphics card drivers, problems can occur. In many cases it helps to install an older driver version, so your system will work properly again. In addition to changing the driver version, we recommend a new installation of the oprating system, so that a software error can be excluded.

 Games and Programs
Bluescreens can also be caused by various game titles and graphics-intensive programs. If the bluescreen is only on a certain game and not on others, there is probably no hardware error. In This case you should search for the game manufacturer, or check if there is a current patch or update. The same applies in this case to other programs.

If you have overclocked your system, temporarily remove the overclocking from your BIOS. Press "DEL" (for PC Systems) or F" (for Notebooks). In the "Exit" Menu you will find the item "Load Setup Defaults". Please confirm this point with the Enter key and confirm by pressing F10 (=save key).

Alternatively cou can reset the BIOS by removing the BIOS battery. Disconnect the power cable from the computer, so that its completely free of voltage.  Now press the power button for about 30 seconds to allow the capacitors of the power supply to output the remaining voltage. Now remove the side door of the computer. On the mainboard you will find a button cell battery, which now can be removed. Wait approimately one minute and then reinstall the battery. Please check if the bluescreen continues to appear.

Bluescreens can also be triggered by overheating the processor or graphic card. When using IT technology dust deposits are formed over time, which can adversely affect the hardware. This can be prevented by cleaning the hardware and freeing it from dust.

If the error can not be clearly defined or is not comprehensible, it is possible to evaluate the stored errors (minidumps). This makes sense, only if a different when you are able to exclude incompatible drivers/overclocking and overheating. At least 3-4 minidumps are required for a meaningful evaluation. Access to the Windows directory is as followed: C:/Windows/Minidumps. Please send us the files with your customers or order number to

If the bluescreen appears independent of the aboved mentioned situations, you shoud have a look at the hardware with some Support Tools.

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