What kind of system do I need for music edtiting?

27.08.2021 14:55

If you want to create your own music, edit or cut songs, special requirements are meeting your PC or notebook.

system requirements: 

graphics card and CPU:

There is no need to place an increased value on a good graphics card, the requirements on the processor are also limited for this application.
An Intel i5 or AMD FX processor or faster is required for many professional music programs like Cubase, Fruity Loops etc.)


You take benefits mainly from large and fast hard disks, like SSD's and with enough RAM.
8GB RAM or more is recommended for most programs.


The heart of a PC system which should be used for music editing is surely the soundcard.
Soundchips of current mainboards could make up a lot of audio quality and function range afterwards, but an additional soundcard is highly recommended for audi processing.
An dedicated soundcard improves not only the playback of sounds also the recording quality is better.


To secure that you can listen to your recordings with the lowest possible noise in background it's recommended to install some noise filter in your case.
With a closed case (and even without window), a large part of the noises can be reduced by insulated mats.
It's recommended to use SSD's to eliminate distortion noise from hard disks.
The selection of the power supply and the CPU cooler also has a decivise influence on the noise emission.

Silent components are marked with "quiet" or "silent".

Choose the right System:

As base for an music-PC system you can use a system from our ONE Office PCs.
For example, an Intel i5 CPU can be picked with 16GB of RAM and an dedicated Creative Soundcard.

If you are unsure about the configuration of the components, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to advise you.

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