ONE Xcellent 10.3 XL UMTS - Downloads

23.05.2017 12:47

On this page you will find drivers for our ONE Xcellent 10.3 XL UMTS Tablet

If you want to install new drivers, please proceed as listed below:

Please unpack the missing driver into a seperate file directory.

Start with the chipset drivers. You just have to run the setup file.
Missing chipset files can be found  in the unpacked directory, please start your search for the missing file from the bottom.

If you want to install the graphics adapter, please go to "Chipset\Drivers\Graphics directory and select the "igdh64.inf (Setup-Information), then do a right-click on this file to start the installation. An ISP-Image processing device should now be shown in your device manager. The cameras will only work when Intel (R) AVStream Camera, system device Intel (R) Imaging Signal Processor 2401 and the sensores ov2680/ov5648 are available.

The G-Sensor has to be installed via \G_Sensor\kxjaccel2xxxxxx.exe.

To install the touchdrivers, please copy all files from directory \Touch\ into
c:\Windows\System32\Drivers (overwrite exisiting files). In directory
c:\Windows\System32\Drivers the file SileadTouch.inf (Setup-Information) rightclick this file and enter setup for installation.

WLAN and Bluetooth drivers can be simply executed  through the setup-files.

Attached downloads:


Windows10 64 Bit
Windows10 64 Bit
Windows10 64 Bit
Windows10 64 Bit
Windows10 64 Bit
Windows10 64 Bit
Windows10 64 Bit
Windows10 64 Bit

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