Delete Key does not work as it should on my Xcellent Tablet

31.05.2017 10:29

If your Delete Key on your keyboard does not work like a Del-key but instead like the Shift-Key, you can fix this behaviour as followed:

Please connect the keyboard and the power supply to your tablet. Make sure the touch function of the display is working. During the installation process, your keyboard will no longer work, so you have to operate the tablet via display.

Please download the file "HB 123" at the end of the page.

Unzip the file with a right-click and select the "Unzip File" option. Select "C:\" on your tablet as the directory to extract, this is important for a successfull installation.

Now click "Ok".

Now please open the folger "HB123" on drive "C" and start the application: "flashkeyboard"

The following window opens and the first entry is highlighted yellow:
Now click on "Start all" (by touching the display). It takes a few seconds and the yellow marking changes to green.
The installation process is now complete. The keyboard may not be recognized automatically. Please disconnect the tablet from the keyboard for a short time and reconnect it. If this does not work, please restart the tablet with connected keyboard.

If the error still exists, please contact our customer service.


Attached downloads:


Windows10 32 Bit

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