What external connectors does my PC have?

30.05.2017 14:31

On the back of a computer, you will find a whole series of connectors through which external devices can be connected to the computer. The following connectors are part of the mainboard. Depending on the mainboard, there are different connectors which can also be arranged differently. Also, by expansion cards such as TV card, graphics card additional connectors are added.

1., 2., 3. USB Ports
You can connect USB devices, such as a mouse, keyboard, printer, etc. to USB ports. A descritpion of various USB types can be found hier.

4. PS/2 Port
The round PS/2 connector is nowadays seldom found on mainboards and is used for older mice and keyboards that did not have USB back then.

5. DVI-D Port
You can connect a monitor with a DVI cable at this port. You will find all DVI connection types hier.

6. VGA Port
You can connect your monitor with an VGA cable.

7. HDMI Port
You can connect your monitor or TV with an HDMI cable.

8. LAN-Port (RJ45)
You need this port to establish a connection to your network.

9. Audio Connector
Depending on the equipment of the mainboard, you can also connect these larger audio systems like 5.1 surround systems. With 7.1 capable sound chips, the audio connections of the front from your case also available with adequate connectors.

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