What is FreeSync and how does it work?

27.08.2021 14:31

FreeSync is a technology developed by AMD that ensures that games are displayed almost jerkily and latency-free on the monitor.

In principle, FreeSync works similar to NVidia's G-Sync. The refresh rate of the monitor is in this case adapted to the graphics card. Thus, the image is updated on the monitor everytime a new one is calculated and output. This solves the problem of so-called tearing:

he advantage over G-Sync is that the manufacturer of a monitor does not have to install an additional module for the use of FreeSync. The prices for a monitor in comparison to a G-Sync capable are drastically reduced.

System requirements for desktop computer:
Graphics card: Radeon R7 260 and higher respectively R9 285 and higher
Monitor: FreeSync compatible monitor

In addition, FreeSync can also be used with processors that have an integrated graphics card from AMD (e.g., AMD A6-7400K and newer).

There are already some monitors and graphics cards, which can also use FreeSync with HDMI.

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