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06.04.2017 13:21

 One-Systeminfo (system information tool)
This tool collect important informations about your hardware and your Microsoft Windows operating system. The collected data will be saved into a text file.
After download and execute the tool, you dont need to make any entry. The text file will automatically saved at the same place as the tool itself.  Now you can send the generated text file "Systeminformationen" via e-mail to us. This file can help our technical support to solving a problem with your system.

Remote-Support (remote desktop connection)
Through this remote desktop tool our technical support can take over your PC or Notebook if you want.
Our technical support can correct false settings or can solve other software errors. An new installation of your Windows operating system cant be done with this tool.
If your are asked for a remote connetion just download the Remote-Support tool at the end of this page and execute it.
Now you will the this screen:

You get the needed numbes for the first field "Sitzungsnummer" from our technical support.
After insert the numbers and click onto "Verbinden" this new windows will appear:

Here you can choose which application are controllable through the remote control session.
Now the connection to our support team will established. We can show you with an arrow on your screen where you should click or insert something.

If you want, we can take over the control of your mouse and keyboard. You will see everything we do on your screen and can take the control of your mouse and keyboard back anytime. After the remote session is closed, you see this screen:

Memtest86+ (to check your memory)
To check your memory we recommend the free software Memtest86+. You can download this tool for free. You can download this tool as ISO-image and burn it with the "Burn Image"-function from your burningsoftware as a DVD.
If you boot from this DVD after a restart the tool starts the full-test automatically. For an meaningful result the test have to run atleast 30-60 Minutes. The full test requires 12 hours. At the menu you can switch to Errors. At this page you will find a list of errors found. If your memory is intact there is no error report.

HD Tune (to check your harddiskdrive)
To check your harddiskdrive we recommend the free software HD Tune. You can download this software for free. After a quick scan you are able to see results at the "health" tab. Please send a screenshot from results and health-tab to our support e-mail adress

Furmark (to check your graphics card)
To check your graphicscard we recommend the free software Furmark. You can download this software for free. Furmark puts your graphicscard on a demanding performance test and monitors the temperature development. At the end of the tests you will see an Resultscreen. Please create an screenshot of this screen and send the results to our Support If your system shut down while the test is running, or you have any grafic issues or graphic errors please keep us also informed.


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