My Windows license is not activated / accepted

26.08.2021 14:17

If your Windows license key can not be accepted or activated, there are several reasons:

Correct entry (if required)

If you have an OA3.0 license, you do not need to enter the license key. For further information click here.

A part of the license key is hidden by a seal with the word "Microsoft". You must first carefully scratch this silver seal. Please do not exert too much pressure.

Please also ensure that the input of the license key was correct. Tip errors often occur when the key is entered. (For example, the number 8 is very similar to the letter B.)


Is the correct Windows version installed?

Check if the correct version of Windows is installed. To check this you must only press the Windows-key and the break-key to open the a new window called "system".

The installed version of Windows will now be displayed. Please match it with the version that is on your bill.

If the correct version has not been preinstalled, it is unfortunately necessary to reinstall the operating system. Please make sure to select the version listed in the invoice during Windows installation.


Telephone activation
If your license is accepted but not activated online, a telephone activation is required. Please select it from the activation menu and Windows will show you the corresponding number and accompany you through the activation process.

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